Rosés (Rosados)

Champagnes (Cavas)



Care of Tech Tastings: What follows is a high-level grouping of wines based on overall characteristics of structural elements and aroma/flavor . This is a good shorthand for ordering reds.

Light/Gentle Soft/Fruity Zesty/Firm Bold
Unassuming wines, with subtle, not overly fruity flavors Easy-to-drink fruit-driven wines with relatively low acid or tannins Lively wines with noticeable structure/texture, often with spicy/earthy notes Big, full-bodied wines with intense flavors, usually with higher alcohol & tannins

Structural Elements

Light Red Dark Red Black
cherry/sour cherry strawberry blueberry
raspberry cranberry blackberry
Fruit Modifiers: candied · dried · ripe · baked/stewed


This is what you normally think about when talking about how something tastes. Fruit, vegetal, mineral flavor, etc.

savory roasted/sweet mineral wood/oak vanilla/sweet spice
leather caramel slate oak vanilla
meat chocolate tar cedar coconut
mushroom toffee wet-rock pine clove
smoke pencil shavings nutmeg
earthy/herbal spicy green/vegetal floral
dirt anise green pepper geranium
dried leaves black pepper eucalyptus violet
tea horseradish olive rose
tobacco grass orange blossom
Flavor Modifiers: sedimenty · syrupy · oxidized


(Slam dunk descriptor from Mike B at Basic White Wine Styles: butterscotch.)