Professional Experience

CTO Starname (IOV) Apr 2019 - Present

Launched the IOV Name Service blockchain by recruiting ten tier-1 validators in less than six months. Managed a development/operations/evangelism team of 11. Delivered the Ledger app for sending IOV tokens in six weeks. Enhanced the IOV token economic model. Inspired a demoralized team. Spearheaded accountability and discipline among executives. Wrote code when necessary. Pitched partnership opportunities to Cosmostation. Automated starname reservations paid with Cosmos atoms. Devised the means to get IOV Core onto mobile devices.

Keywords: Agile, Golang, Kanban, Management, Proof-Of-Stake, React, TypeScript

Created a proof-of-concept DApp for a peer-to-peer, blockchain-backed, off-chain oracle, over/under bet. Used Solidity to guarantee the integrity of the bet and oracle. Used Node.js for the off-chain services. Used Vue.js for the front-end. Accessed the blockchain from both Node.js and the browser via Web3. Used Truffle to execute unit tests.

Delivered Solidity smart contracts & an off-chain to on-chain bridge with unit tests for IOV's token sale. Dealt with the non-trivial requirement of accounting for Bitcoin to Ether conversions and refunds.

Keywords: Blockchain, Caddy, DApp, Docker, Ethereum, Git, Node.js, Off-Chain Oracle, OpenZeppelin, Peer-To-Peer, Solidity, Truffle, Vue, Web3, WebPack, WebRTC

Used Electron with React and Redux to create a cross-platform graphical user interface (GUI) for CPU/GPU proof-of-work (PoW) cryptocurrency mining. Ran a Monero mining pool using Angular and Node.js. Administered a Cosmos proof-of-stake (PoS) validator node with sentry nodes to mitigate distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Keywords: Angular, CMake, Cosmos, Cryptocurrency, C++, Electron, Git, JavaScript, Monero, Microservices, Multithreaded, MySQL, Node.js, React, Redux, WebPack

Created a full-stack framework that generates iOS/Android/web app front-ends from a single code base. That same code base provides shared code for the back-end (Google App Engine, MySQL database, etc).

Keywords: Cordova, D3, Full-Stack, GAE, Git, Gradle, GWT, Java, JavaScript, Objectify, Perl, SQL, SVG

Co-Founder & CTO UUP Financial Analytics Inc. Apr 2016 - Mar 2017

Architected and built the full-stack of a scalable and distributable C++ back-end of microservices for a Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and d3 based front-end for algorithmic trading. Controlled the microservices using websockets. Used shared memory for automatic registration of services co-hosted with the registry service; used websocket registration otherwise. Tied into the Interactive Brokers API.

Keywords: Algorithmic Trading, Boost, CMake, C++, D3, Git, GWT, Java, Microservices, Multithreaded, MySQL, Perl, Websockets, ZeroMQ

Co-Founder & CTO Baby Doctor, Inc. Apr 2015 - Oct 2015

Quadrupled Baby Doctor, Inc.'s market size. Disobeyed a directive from the CEO that saved him from criminal indictment. Gave a presentation that won a spot in Plug & Play's healthcare start-up accelerator program. Helped raise 320k$. Designed & implemented a HIPAA compliant, GWT compatible tech infrastructure. Managed a remote team.

Keywords: Entrepreneur, Business Strategy, Chief Technology Officer, Mobile, Desktop, Git, HIPAA

Director 9|α Capital LP Dec 2012 - Feb 2014

Managed a remote team. Spearheaded automation of middle office systems. Architected and deployed a robust, OS and database agnostic infrastructure with auditing, role based security, presentation template engine, and distributed job scheduling and execution. Client apps for the system ranged from Excel (via C# dll and/or VBA) to Perl. Used the Model-View-Presenter pattern to facilitate desktop/tablet/phone user interfaces.

Keywords: Full-Stack, Fixed Income, Automation, SaaS, GWT, MVP, Java, JPA, C#, JavaScript, VBA, Perl, XPath

Vice President 9|α Capital LP Nov 2010 - Dec 2012

Invented profitable directional intra/interday trading algorithms for bond futures. Designed and delivered a Matlab/CQG high-frequency trading system in 4 weeks. Performed ad hoc event simulations. Created event study templates. Bridged Matlab, Interactive Brokers API, Excel, and a proprietary real-time trading system with a C# dll. Manually intervened into an automated process that would have resulted in failing on delivery of a 107MM short for repo.

Keywords: Fixed Income, Algorithmic Trading, Matlab, Java, VBA, C#, GWT, Excel, CQG, IB API, RTD Server, Perl, Python, Linux, Windows

Founder Induction Internet Infrastructure & Services Limited Feb 2003 - Nov 2010

Consulted for Bigbox Red SL. Automated systems using NetMorpher freeing-up an entire man-month of data entry, extraction, and transformation. Created a NetMorpher based search engine optimization (SEO) tool for publishing classified ads, forum posts, etc with either a few clicks manually or entirely automatically.

Consulted for Wrote Java and pig code and deployed it to the production hadoop cluster one week after starting. Performed ad hoc statistical analysis for data for press releases. Upgraded and maintained the cluster. Optimized map-reduce jobs. Wrote payment processing servlets using Google's guice for dependency injection. Refactored existing code. Wrote an automated, future-proof back-up system using protobufs and's S3.

Consulted for Prometheus Research by pure telecommute. Delivered a 1-month-allotted, one-off web app in 3 weeks and turned it into an integral part of their flagship product. Architected/implemented their web-based data collection services for use in both online and offline modes. Wrote extensions for Firefox.

Developed a digital mash-up machine. The Firefox-based app, tested on Linux and Win32, runs in desktop or server mode and provides a browser-based drag-and-drop (Web 2.0) user interface to instruct the C++ back-end. The machine can automate, personalize, and combine data entry/extraction from disparate sinks/sources (web pages, streaming media, databases, proprietary apps, etc) and output to mobile phone(s), cell(s) in an Excel spreadsheet, specific locations in a Word doc, a browser, printer(s), database(s), etc. The design allows for massive scalability using distributed computers. Conceived a multi-faceted revenue strategy to accompany the machine allowing content providers to earn/charge micro payments for access to their data, for one.

Invented the Internet Oasis - a battery powered, portable Internet cafe. Obtained corporate sponsorship from Via. Liaised with investors, business developers, VC funds, corporations, etc.

Keywords: Entrepreneur, Consultant, Linux, Windows, MySQL, C++, Java, Perl, JavaScript, Web 2.0, AJAX, Sysadmin, Web Services, XPath, JPA, CVS, Subversion, FreeRadius

Associate Goldman, Sachs & Co. Dec 2000 - Feb 2003

Developed and maintained real-time, electronic market making pricing engines for US treasury and agency bonds and optimized a real-time, aggressive proprietary trading engine. Coded real-time asset swap spread and agency discount note pricing engines. Directly supported bond traders' applications. Created a bond calculator for long end US treasury manual trades. Completed the GS Fixed Income Associate Training Program.

Keywords: C++, Java, Perl, Real-time, Solaris, Fixed Income, Analytics, Sybase, CVS, TIBCO, Rendezvous, Front Office, H1-B

Principal Consultant RABA Technologies, Inc. Aug 2000 - Dec 2000

Consulted for and Wrote data capture templates, presentation templates, and workflows. Liaised with clients. Configured TeamSite and OpenDeploy.

Keywords: Perl, TeamSite, OpenDeploy

Founder inc Apr 1999 - Aug 2000

Setup an Internet cafe and designed and implemented automatic, fault-tolerant, multithreaded, distributed accounting software using Java, C++, and CORBA. Coded automatic stock market order entry programs and confirmation scripts. Installed numerous intranets with a Linux box server/gateway. Devised and coded the infrastructure for a totally customizable web portal. Designed and implemented an efficient object persistence scheme permitting multiple inheritance, including virtual base classes, and circular object references using recursion.

Keywords: Object-Orient Analysis & Design (OOAD), Java, C++, CORBA, Linux, Windows NT/9x, Client-Server, Callback, Multithreaded, TCP/IP, Sockets, Applet, Apache, DHTML, Administration

C++ Programming Wizard Hyprotech Ltd. Oct 1995 - Apr 1999

Joined the POLYSIM team and was christened "Programming Wizard" by project manager and team leader Dr. Rudi Stocker. Participated in the full development lifecycle. Coded the front end of the world's foremost polymer simulator including details regarding the fluid package, reaction packages, and databases. Designed the entire reaction class hierarchy for five major chemistries and their associated sub-chemistries, thermodynamic classes, estimable parameter classes, controller classes, and designed a generic collocation point container class. Coded the interface for all five reactors in the Ziegler-Natta chemistry in addition to reactors in three other chemistries. Provided guidance for several Research & Development Engineers of the eight-member team.

Keywords: Object-Orient Analysis & Design (OOAD), Visual C++, Windows NT, PVCS, Tracker, Full Life Cycle Development, Leadership

Post-Secondary Education

PhD In Chemical Engineering The University Of Calgary 1994 - 1998

Created a predictive, two-dimensional, time-averaged hydrodynamic model for a circulating fluidized bed (CFB) riser operating in the fast fluidization regime with downward flow of gas and solids near the wall. Modification of the elaborate two-dimensional model allowed for its coupling with kinetic reaction equations to form a general, tractable CFB riser reactor model. The culmination of the research manifested itself in the form of a fully object-oriented, multi-threaded simulator written in C++. The simulator included an MFC graphical user interface supporting drag-and-drop process flow diagram construction, novel object persistence design, and generic flash calculations.

Substantial projects stemming from course work: design and implementation of a generic, multi-purpose chemical plant simulator, Gibbs energy minimization of a modified Claus plant reaction furnace, simulation of transpiration cooling of an insulated cylinder, steam reforming of methane, and isentropic discharge of an ideal gas from a duct.

Achieved a GPA of 3.85/4.0. Awarded John S. Poyen Scholarship & DB Robinson and Associates Travel Grant.

Keywords: Object-Orient Analysis & Design (OOAD), Visual C++, Windows 9x, MFC, GUI, Project Management, Full Life Cycle Development, RCS, Numerical Methods

BSc In Chemical Engineering The University Of Calgary 1989 - 1993

Achieved a GPA of 3.63/4.0 for the last two years of the engineering curriculum. Awarded:


Chemical Engineering Science Volume 51 Issue 24 (December 1996)

Hydrodynamic And Kinetic Modelling Of Circulating Fluidized Bed Reactors Applied To A Modified Clause Plant

Canadian Journal Of Chemical Engineering Volume 71 Issue 3 (April 1997)

Modelling A Circulating Fluidized Bed Riser Reactor With Gas-Solids Downflow At The Wall

Dave Puchyr, PhD